My 100 Book Challenge of 2015

The year after I graduated college, I read a grand total of 2 books zoloft dosage.

That’s right, two books for the entire year. I call it The Great cheap nba jerseys Book Drought of 2013. I had just double-majored in two reading-intensive subjects, so I can possibilità probably chalk up The Drought to reading burnout.

At the start of is 2015, I set myself a possibly unattainable goal: read 100 books in the 2015 calendar year. Some people I follow on Goodreads easily hit 250 books a Welcome year, but I suppose I’m a slow reader – 100 books was enough of a challenge for me!

Here are my rules for the challenge:

  1. Audiobooks count. I cheap jerseys love a good story, regardless of format. Some books sound even better with a narrator!
  2. Also counted: graphic novels, as long as they take Welcome! up less than 1/4 of the year’s total.
  3. Only read books I want to read. Life’s too short cheap jerseys free shipping to muddle through a boring book.

I’ve been keeping track of my challenge on Goodreads – so far cheap NBA jerseys I’ve read 76 books, but I’m wholesale NBA jerseys still a bit behind.

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